Product design and laboratory under one roof

We realize coating systems for the most different requirements. In our production plant, we are able to coat large numbers of items with Wicoatec coatings.

Our modern laboratory for sample production was completed. The plant technology for our coating process was developed in cooperation with our engineering experts from Wieland-Werke AG.

Product design: On request, our experts adapt the pretreatment of the components, the coating system and the process parameters to your requirements and coordinate all three steps. There are numerous other solutions beyond our standard product ranges.
Production: We have equipment of various sizes to enable us to coat both small parts and cabinet-sized components - from single-part production to large series. We offer degreasing / pre-treatment also as a separate service.

Laboratory services

In addition to our own surface laboratory, we work hand in hand with the accredited laboratory of Wieland-Werke AG, which is also located on the common factory premises. So a wide variety of laboratory services are available, those relating to the testing of organoceramic thin films as well as these relating to physico-chemical analysis and materials testing for metals. We are happy to offer you selected laboratory services independently as a service, please contact us.

The following is a selection of methods and tests - numerous others are available internally.

Coating and component testing

  • Coating thickness determination (e.g. optically on test plate)
  • Microscopic analysis (stereo light microscope and depth of field microscope)
  • Surface topography and roughness
  • Contact/surface angle
  • Tensile adhesion testing
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Thermogravimetry

Corrosion testing

  • Acid test (metal migration in acid)
  • Thermal shock test (metal migration in acid after previous heating and quenching)
  • Spray mist test according to VDA 230-214 in liquid and/or vapor phase
  • Climatic chamber / climate change test
  • Immersion test, various media, different temperatures
  • Long-term aging test (desiccator)
  • Long-term stagnation test with doped drinking water and test regime e.g. according to EN 15664


  • ICP/OES for metal content in test waters or in test acids
  • FTIR
  • Material composition (focus on non-ferrous metals)