Product design and manufacturing under one roof

We realize coating systems for the most different requirements. In our production plant, we are able to coat large numbers of items with Wicoat.

Our modern laboratory for sample production was completed. The plant technology for our coating process was developed in cooperation with our engineering experts from Wieland-Werke AG.

Product design: Our technical experts select the perfect pretreatment option and coating system for your component. Thus we are able to provide an optimum coating result.
Production: In our manufacturing section, we produce both small batches and large orders. We monitor all processes continuously, so that we can ensure that the quality of the coating is consistent.
Analysis: On the basis of the test results from our test stands and from the accredited Wieland Group test laboratory (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005), we decide which Wicoat coating best suits your needs.
Individual Solutions: Together, we discuss your requirements for the Wicoat coating and offer you the best coating solution for your application.

An innovative CVD process needs innovative equipment

This is why we have worked with Wieland to develop coating equipment that applies the Wicoatec process ideally.
  • This deep understanding of our technology enables us to meet your wishes specifically.
  • The modular structure and varying reactor sizes allow us to produce anything from large individual components through small batches to series orders.
  • In addition, we can individually optimize our rack technology to use the plant volume and the flow of gas of the coating chemicals most effectively for your product.