wico®pure surface finishing


Provides for inert surface behavior and less adsorption

wico®pure forms a chemically inert seal on the surface. On the one hand, this reduces memory effects and deposits on the component surface and, on the other hand, protects the component from corrosion attacks caused by aggressive gases.

Possible applications: Gas analysis, gas chromatography, IR spectroscopy, ultra-pure gas and vacuum technology.

Application examples: Measuring cells, reaction chambers, nozzle plates, hollow bodies, valves, fittings, tubes, capillaries, injectors.

Advantages of wico®pure

  • More reliable measurement results
  • Faster instrument response and efficient processes
  • High measurement accuracy even at low sample concentrations
  • Optimized operating cycles due to longer maintenance intervals
  • No outgassing as with paints

For more information on wico®pure and measurement results, please refer to our data sheets.

Markus Ott
Markus Ott Sales