wico®pro surface finishing


Minimizes the deposition of organic and inorganic substances on the surface.

wico®pro significantly minimizes organic and inorganic deposits on metal surfaces. This way, the surface finish improves the self-cleaning of the components and at the same time protects them against mildly corrosive conditions.

Possible applications: Chemical production, crude oil processing, reduction of calcification in water applications, etc.

Examples of use: Heat exchangers of any design, sensor tubes, nozzles, hollow bodies, strainers, filters, dense packings, metal foams, etc.

Advantages of wico®pro

  • Better and cleaner processes in operation
  • Improved heat transfer due to less deposits
  • Longer running times in operation for low service & maintenance requirements
Scaling behavior of the coating wico®pro

wico®pro protects components from scaling and fouling. Inorganic salts and organic components are deposited on the surface of uncoated components. wico®pro significantly reduces this process. This extends the service life of the component. Costs are reduced and resources are conserved.

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For more information on wico®pro, please refer to our data sheets.

Markus Ott
Markus Ott Sales