wico cure surface finishing corrosion protection


Increases corrosion protection and forms a barrier against metal leaching.

wico®cure separates the component from the sorroundig medium and protects it from aggressive media, especially acids. The coating improves the corrosion behavior and prevents metal ions from entering the medium (anti-metal leaching).

Possible applications: Corrosive or aggressive atmosphere (condensing boiler technology, exhaust gases), oil cooling, heating/cooling circuits, acid protection, temporary corrosion protection for sea transport, etc.

Application examples: Heat exchangers of any design, heat dissipation plates, sensors, tubes, hollow bodies, 3D structures.

Advantages of wico®cure

  • Minimal metal ingress into liquids (in the run-in phase).
  • Extension of the service life of liquid media in closed circuits, e.g. oil or cooling water
  • Anti-scaling effect

wico®cure on test

The examples given are individual case studies and must be tested separately for your application.

Corrosion protection and anti-metal leaching of the coating wico®cure

The SiO2-based coating forms a very thin separating layer between the metal surface and the medium flowing through. Thus, wico®pure ensures clean media on the one hand and protects the metal substrate from corrosion on the other.

0:11 min

Protection against corrosion in acidic media

wico®cure significantly reduces metal migration in acid.
Base material 1.4404
Dissolved metal ions Iron (mg/l) Chrome (mg/l) Nickel (mg/l) Aluminum (mg/l) Copper (mg/l)
uncoated 975 200 135 700 8698
wico®cure 0,02 0,01 0,01 0,87 58,7
Protection factor     13500 805 148

Values determined in a short-term acid test: test solution of 25% H2SO4 or sulfuric acid-based mixed acid.

For more information on wico®cure and measurement results, please refer to our data sheets.

Markus Ott
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