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Good reasons to protect your surface using Wicoatec

Barely visible, but always there: Wicoat is a range of silicon-dioxide thin-film coating systems which optimise and protect metal surfaces.

Silicon dioxide – also known as the main component of glass – basically guarantees high chemical and thermal resistance.
The films are created using the patented Wicoatec process. This is an adapted chemical vapour deposition process, or CVD process, also known as chemical gas phase deposition.

While other CVD processes need a coating temperature of around 1,000 °C, the Wicoatec process runs at very moderate process temperatures. This means that almost all metals and metal alloys can be coated without destroying them.

Advantages of the Wicoatec process at a glance

  • Internal coating
    Finishing surfaces with complex structures and interiors that are difficult to reach.
  • Modifiable
    The film properties can be changed by the addition of chemical additives.
  • Following contours
    No appreciable change in component dimensions or thermal conductivity.
Scaling behavior of the coating wico®pro

wico®pro protects components from scaling and fouling. Inorganic salts and organic components are deposited on the surface of uncoated components. wico®pro significantly reduces this process. This extends the service life of the component. Costs are reduced and resources are conserved.

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Corrosion protection and anti-metal leaching of the coating wico®cure

wico®cure protects metal components from aggressive media and prevents corrosion. The ceramics-based coating separates metal surface and media successfully to ensure pure media on the one hand side and protected metal substrates on the other hand side.

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