Coating technology

Wicoatec is a modified CVD process. With a CVD coating, solids from the vapour are deposited. Coating deposits of this type have been known since 1852.

The chemical source materials are vaporised and taken in gaseous form to the components in the coating chamber. This is where the chemical reaction takes place during which the reaction product forms on the surface of the component, thus forming the Wicoat film.
  • A chemical bond is created between the Wicoat film and the metal substrate, i.e. the two materials form a permanent material composite.
  • In many other coating processes, such as PVD (physical vapour deposition), there is only a physical adhesion, which is much less.
  • In addition, unlike traditional CVD processes, Wicoatec runs at atmospheric pressure. This reduces the susceptibility of the process to disruption.


Wicoatec in comparison with other coating processes

Film thickness and film material

Coating temperature and aspect ratio